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Kids Learning Spanish the Fun Way: By Making Fantastic Latino Dishes!

2 May

This is a half-Spanish- half-English-speaking household. Just as we cook Latin sometimes and American (whatever that is) sometimes, we bounce back and forth between languages. The linguistic term is “code-switching” and Puerto Ricans in particular are the acrobats of the code-switching word – leaping off the English sentence into a whirl of Spanish and flipping backwards to finish in English. Or not. We understand each other, but other people think it’s gibberish. And while some derisively call it “Spanglish”, we know they’re just jealous of our daredevil dual language skills!

An equal opportunity eater!

An equal opportunity eater!

So of course I have done my best to help my son become bilingual.

Miss Susana introduces the recipe and its ingredients

Miss Susana introduces the recipe and its ingredients

This is not easy. These days most of my life is conducted in English – both my writing and my teaching, my social life, his school, the T.V. news. My parents have gradually abandoned speaking to him in Spanish altogether. Some days I forget to switch back to Spanish at home. I am that tired.



So I am lucky to have the support of Spanish All Year, the cultural language school that he attends a couple of hours a week. Which brings me to the reason why I am telling you – who are expecting to read about food and are instead hearing about language acquisition woes – about this. Continue reading

Offering Today’s Post (and Prayers) for 14-year-old Pakistani Blogger Malala Yousafzai

9 Oct

Corrected photo credit – I hope this is right!: Malala Yousafzai in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 8 March 2012. Malala was shot and wounded by Taliban gunmen in Swat on 9 October. Photograph: T Mughal/EPA

The Taliban today attempted to assassinate a 14-year-old Pakistani girl who blogged in defense of education for girls.

Malala Yousafzai is now fighting for survival with bullet wounds to the head and throat. According to the BBC and NBC News she may very well survive, but she may never regain her speaking voice.

So today, I offer this post in tribute to her bravery and the importance of equality and education for women and girls.

Examples of Malala’s posts

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