Hot Links

Want to know which blogs I follow and which web pages I go to for information and inspiration? Here they are, my go-to links: (Please comment if you want me to know about another worthy link that might inform my work and play….)

Latin Food Blogs I Love

Zarela – The Empress of Mexican Food here in the United States. Restauranteur, writer, bon vivant, and a constant source of inspiration to me!

Being Latino Online Magazine’s Food Blog – The Latino take on food issues and food

Blue Jellybeans – A Panamanian living in Madrid cooks up delicious Hispanic meals with mouthwatering photos!

Latino Foodie – What’s Hot in Latin Kitchens Around the U.S. and the World

Blogs and Pages That Inspire Me

Chantek – My dear friend James’ Thai restaurant in Cornwall

Backroad Journal – Karen’s glorious foodie adventures, in New Hampshire, Maine, and around the world

Chica Andaluza – from England to Spain and back…and back again? A mix of food and home renovations!

Culinary Types – T.W. Barritt, my Restoration Farm buddy, chronicles life on the farm and food adventures far and wide

Jayne McAllister: Healthy Weight Loss with Ridiculously Wicked Food

Kiwsparks – Poetry, art, and food intersect

Mad Dog T.V. Dinners – One of my absolute favorites! Cooking, eating, and fun from England

Texana’s Kitchen – Bawdy good girl badness

The Kitchen’s Garden – daily posts, pictures and vignettes from a working farm (A Modern Charlotte’s Web)

Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide – adventurous home cooks with great pics and great bevvies!

Seasoned Fork – my dear friend Deborah’s chef’s blog, with emphasis on what’s seasonal and local to Long Island’s Wine Country

School-Bites – a fellow mom with a mission to improve school meals!


Restoration Farm – C.S.A. in Nassau County

A Taste of Long Island – A shared use kitchen and food shop in Farmingdale, New York

Environmental Working Group – thorough and non-hysterical information on the toxicity and health values of consumer products. Printable wallet-sized supermarket guides available.

Seafood Watch: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s printable wallet-sized guide to better fish purchases

Organic Gardening: the on-line version of this venerable magazine offers help for organic gardeners of all types and experience.

Mother Earth News: information for the granola life; great gardening month-by-month guides

RESOURCES (Miscellaneous)

Single Mothers By Choice – I’m a single mom who chose to have a child solo. Here’s the organization that helped me on the journey.


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