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Saved! Burnt Banana Bread!

4 Feb

I hate my oven. I hate my oven. I hate my oven.

Okay, so it beats having to gather wood and light a fire every time I want to bake something, but it is just not good. I usually use my parents’ oven for baking, because my pint-size one heats so unevenly it is diabolical.

But, I used it the other night because I was too lazy to go anywhere and sure enough, our double batch of banana bread was burning on the outside before cooking on the inside.

Then I remembered a reader tip I saw in Cook’s Illustrated magazine (I do not remember the issue date or who submitted it!). I lowered the heat and cooked them through and the next morning, when the loaves were fully cooled, I used a medium cheese grater and grated off the burnt bits! Then I sliced and wrapped some up for Leandro’s wonderful caregivers and no one was the wiser.

Victory is mine!!!!!

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