Roasted Baby Lamb Chops – Straightforward and Perfect

1 Apr

Looking ahead to Easter…we may very well do these again. So perfectly simple and so right for Spring! So I had to reblog it for you….

Hot, Cheap & Easy

“Mommy, I love these! I just love them!”

Here is yet another cameo appearance by Adriana, whose baby lamb chops sent Leandro over the moon (not least because he could grab them by the bone in his hammy little fist and tear meat off with his teeth like a caveman) and very nearly knocked me and Padushi off our pedestals in his culinary pantheon.

Adriana is a serious carnivore who likes the flavor of good meat to shine through. The mild flavor and tender texture of today’s baby lamb chops from Australia and New Zealand lend themselves to that kind of light hand in seasoning. Roasted potatoes and asparagus rounded off the meal – simple, straightforward, and balanced.

The meal was also festive — our celebration of the beginning of the holiday season —  so we grown-ups opened with a pear and goat cheese appetizer (which will be familiar to…

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