Fish Tacos and Tostadas: Easy, Breezy, Light

4 Apr

A Fish on Friday idea that has become part of our regular repertory….Happy Weekend!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

We are digging the flavors of the SouthWest – rice, beans, cumin, peppers, avocados, corn, red onion….They holler summer to me and are right now hollering my name.

fish tostadas Pile ’em high with whatever you like!

Mind you, I have very little idea how people actually eat in the SouthWest, but I have these ideas shaped by the mysterious forces of The Media Age. These ideas make flavor sense to me and make me happy AND are easily achieved in my little kitchen, AND my son likes them AND they lend themselves to individual assembly and in my family of diverse eaters, that is really, really important, so there you have it.

You can pop them into tacos or eat them on the side You can pop them into tacos or eat them on the side

The Northeastern factor is fresh fish from our salty sea. I have figured out how to quickly season and pan-fry chunks of fish to add to our…

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One Response to “Fish Tacos and Tostadas: Easy, Breezy, Light”

  1. deliciousdaydreams April 4, 2014 at 7:56 am #

    The fish is so good for us and so easy to prepare. I’m surprised that more people don’t have it as a weekly routine.

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