Marinated Mini-Mozzarella Balls (Summer Buffet Dish)

30 Aug

NOTE TO READERS: Yet another way to use your mini-tomatoes and impress your friends!!!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

Southern Italy has had a great influence on the population of the South Shore of Long Island. That means there are a number of stores here which make their own mozzarella. It is heavenly stuff; soft, milky, barely salted, and, if you get to Fairway, AS Pork Store or Uncle Giuseppe’s at the right time, it will still be warm.

No, it isn’t mozzarella di bufalá, the rich Italian water buffalo cheese that makes insalata caprese that much more delicious, but which is only available imported (that I know of). This is strictly cow’s milk – but what it lacks in texture and complexity, it makes up for in freshness and simple comfort.

And, you can always dress it up. Small mozzarella balls in their liquid can be purchased and made more interesting in a flash when drained and dolloped with your preferred pesto. Or you can try…

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2 Responses to “Marinated Mini-Mozzarella Balls (Summer Buffet Dish)”

  1. Mad Dog August 31, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    That looks great – I nearly bought a load last week cheap, but opted for larger ones to make pizza 😉

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