4/8/13 Food Bloggers Against Hunger: Please Join Us!

5 Apr

A Reminder for my blogger friends who might want to participate!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

“What Would You Do If You Were Hungry?”

Nicole Gulotta wants folks to think about that and think about the millions of Americans who live on what we used to call food stamps a.k.a. Electronic Bank Transfers (EBT) from the govermment. Their food dollars work out to $3-$4 a day. I cook cheap, but not that cheap.

So Nicole started Food Bloggers Against Hunger, as a way to encourage people to take action. On April 8th, food bloggers around the United States (including me!) will be posting items related to hunger in the U.S., sort of donating their blog space to the cause.


I am still developing my April 8 post and learning more about the issues. Click on the above logo and find out what you need to do to be part of this. It’s easy! And important.

You can go to Share Our Strength to learn more…

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