16 Nov

2012 update to readers: The above re-blog is a reminder for Long Islanders looking for naturally (organic without the label) raised turkeys for Thanksgiving or local poultry and eggs all year long!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

This one is for my homies: my readers here on Long Island. All the rest, rest assured that once I fix the weird photo upload problem that is cramping my blogging style, I will have a bunch of new recipes to share!

Local, Fresh and (pretty much) Organic: We’ve been getting our eggs and Thanksgiving (and sometimes Christmas) birds from Makinajian Poultry Farm in Huntington for a number of years now. We didn’t discover them by ourselves; once we joined C.S.A. – first at Sophia Garden and now at Restoration Farm – eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys were optional shares. It’s a good thing, as a drive to their farm in Huntington is kind of a hike for us to do on a regular basis – 30-40 minutes from our house. It’s a nice place to go though – farm animals in the front yard, coops out the back and a…

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  1. Mad Dog November 16, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    You must have been up at 5am when you reposted this!
    I’ve just spent the day at Borough Market, where they sell everything, all organic. It used to be brilliant, but it has become a tourist mecca and it’s a bit expensive. I did see quite a few organic turkeys and lots of squash (though no acorn squash).
    The high points were tasting some amazing parmesan cheese and lardo. I had some amazing scallops for lunch too 🙂

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