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Kindergarten, Candy, and Valentine’s Day: A Rant

14 Feb

I really don’t want to have to get involved. I don’t want to be That Mom. I leave others to let their kids eat the cafeteria food (uncrustables, whatever they are; tacos; chicken nuggets; whatever) and kill myself to make sure my kid gets home-cooked food or whole-grain/natural/unprocessed/organic three meals a day. Most of the time.

Read the label...what? You can't understand it? Me neither. That's why I don't buy it!

Read the label…what? You can’t understand it? Me neither. That’s why I don’t buy it!

On occasion, he has sweets (a lot of them we bake together), we hit Friendly’s, or All-American Burger. He has pizza once a week. At least!

I know I am something of a maniac, but I am not unreasonable. And I know people don’t always want to hear it, so I mind my own business, blog, and feed my kid my way. As a single parent who works full time, I don’t have time to try to change school policy, and I don’t have the energy to give a rat’s ass if everyone else wants to stuff their kid with junk. I am tired enough already.

Another view. I am sputtering in disbelief.

Another view. I am sputtering in disbelief.

But the garbage my son came home with in his backpack today has me bouncing off the bloody walls in a sugar rush of the enraged kind. Continue reading

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