Filete de pescado entomatado (Fish filets in spicy creole sauce!)

20 Mar

Tonight’s choice for Lenten dinner…easy and bold in flavor!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

In the supermarket the other day, Leandro asked for fish for lunch. This is not in itself odd…everyone in this family is island-born somehow, we all love fish, and he is a huge fan of River Monsters on Animal Planet (which I strongly encourage, because I think Jeremy – the mad fisherman — is quite hot and much better to watch with my son than Diego the animal rescuer – why, why, why do he and his bloody cousin, Dora the Explorer, have to shout everything they say? –  or Phineas and Ferb – who are quite sweet, but not nearly as compelling as flesh and blood Jeremy and his sunburnt, craggy-faced, understated British delivery, rod-wielding self ).

So I picked up some wild caught tilapia to accommodate him, and because I suddenly got a strong craving (antojo) for fish in salsa criolla.

Fortunately, I had all…

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2 Responses to “Filete de pescado entomatado (Fish filets in spicy creole sauce!)”

  1. Adam J. Holland March 20, 2015 at 6:41 pm #

    The fish looks enticing. Beautiful, in fact. — There have been some well-written cartoons through the years (I’ve experienced pretty much every toon over the past 20 years because of our children), but the loudest and most raucous — by far — is Sponge Bob. I want to slam my head into a brick wall every time I hear it from a kid’s room. 😉

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