Make Your Party Puerto Rican: Ten Recipes for Great Island Food

7 Dec

NOTE TO READERS: Now that we are in full holiday season, I am reviewing all my party recipes..and here are some great Puerto Rican entertaining ideas for your table all gathered together in one handy place! Includes the iconic PERNIL and ARROZ con POLLO. ¡WEPA! ¡WEPA! ¡WEPA!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

Whether it’s Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Christmas, the following dishes – most of them quite easy to prepare and using ingredients available in regular supermarkets (especially those that carry Goya products) — are a medley of the best of Puerto Rican food. This is not a complete list, of course, but mix and match them up and you will have a big table of big, bold food that will introduce everyone to new flavor combinations without scaring them off!

Have a terrific weekend everyone! Buen provecho…..

1. Tostones – Our version of french fries…made with plantains. This is the authentic method with some secret steps!

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