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Food and NCC: Oran Hesterman, Fair Food, and a Trip to Restoration Farm

22 Apr
(Update from Natalia: please see comments for a response from Dr. Hesterman!)

Spring has sprung upon me with flurry of all good things. Reunions, gardening, visits from family, coursework, channeling my inner drama queen for my film student cousin’s movies (!), learning opportunities, parties…It has been a terrific few weeks. However, it has left my blog community rather neglected! I have missed you too.

Dr. Hesterman and students (and me, bottom left)

Dr. Hesterman and students (and me, bottom left)

Mind you, I have been cooking, but some of it has been experimentation that hasn’t quite worked out yet (falafel comes to mind). Other stuff has been tried and true recipes that you have read about before. And well, yes, I have been out to eat, ordered in, skipped meals, eaten a lot of salad (in anticipation of the shorts and T-shirt season), fed my son pizza (even for breakfast! oh, the shame…) and scavenged from my parent’s leftovers. So I don’t have as much as usual to report on the actual making-of-food front.

I do, however, want to share a few tidbits with you and happily, they involve a unification of my food world and my teaching world! (But if my students tell you I made them shovel shit, it is simply not true! Well, not entirely. Read on for details) Continue reading


Smoked Salmon on Toast (an excuse to discuss salmon choices)

26 Nov

This is not really a recipe.It’s much more about making informed seafood choices, as you will see.

For our weekend breakfasts we:

Leandro’s plate of smoked salmon

Toast bread slices, spread with butter, pile on the smoked salmon on the side for Leandro.

Toast less bread, spread with butter, pile on the smoked salmon, a half teaspoon of finely chopped onion, and a half teaspoon of drained capers (drain well, as the caper juice will overpower the salmon) for me. You could also dollop on the sour cream or dab a bit of cream cheese.

That’s it.

What this really is is a chance to talk about selecting salmon.

Continue reading

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