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A Natural Mosquito Repellent? We test it.

21 Jul

The mosquitoes have been rabid this year; in my neighborhood we now have daytime mozzies (for which we are once again blaming someone else — this time it’s the Asians because we are calling them Asian tigers (Aedes albopictus if you would like the scientific name). Kind of reminds me of the French pox, the Spanish flu, the German measles. We love to throw other nations under the bus for our epidemics, so ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL READERS: please let us know what plagues you blame on the Americans (particularly whether you actually name them the American something! I may be opening myself up for quite an onslaught, but I hope to be amused!)

Anyhoo,a friend on Facebook posted a suggestion for repelling mosquitoes from the I Hate Mosquitoes FB page. You are meant to stud halved limes with cloves. I always have both ingredients around and they looked very pretty in the picture, so I was all over this idea. The theory is that they are repelled by citrus, which seems reasonable enough, I guess!

I finally got around to trying it while staying last week at the waterfront Greenport home of Vincent and Carolyn Macchirole. The mosquitoes drove us away from the lovely seating area on their dock one dusk, so the next night we sliced and studded limes and laid them around the table. And the result?

It looks very pretty, but is it an effective mosquito repellant?

It looks very pretty, but is it an effective mosquito repellant?


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