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Awards Season!

24 Feb


It is awards season…not just the Oscars, but some blogger awards that some of my favorite bloggers were kind enough to nominate me for! I don’t usually do these, because they take up a lot of time and I am flat-out trying to get all the things in my life done! But it is Oscar night and I have some Hollywood and award-related stuff about myself to tell, plus I want to express my heartfelt appreciation (and a link) to Becoming Madame for the Beautiful Blogger Award. She tells her own story best…

“An inside look into a real life in the City of Lights and Love. I’m an American & Canadian turned Madame who lives in the heart of Paris. Come along as I open up the world of the French from the inside – les marchés, Soldes, boulangeries, cafés… Through my posts & videos experience what life is like as a resident of Paris.”

Merci beaucoup, Madame!

The other award comes with a special announcement: Miss Marzipan has just had a baby! Before she did, she nominated me for The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (below).  She’s a DIY girl with loads of great clips for de-cluttering, so pay her a visit, wish her congratulations, and wish her luck keeping organized with a new little one!

Thanks to Miss Marzipan!

The awards ask you to tell everyone seven new things about yourself and then nominate some other bloggers who should say thanks to me, link back, and carry on the awards to their favorite bloggers. I’ll mention the bloggers first, then tell you some movie/awards-related things about myself! Named bloggers…feel free to take the award of your choice…or both!

These folks are new to me and I have not nominated them before. Well, maybe I have and have forgotten! Please don’t feel slighted if I haven’t mentioned you…in fact, send me a message and I will, especially if we are frequent visitors to one another’s blogs. I hesitate to add more, because I know many of you do not or have stopped accepting awards. We aim to please.

Bam’s Kitchen Healthy World

El Gringo Picante

Cristian Mihai – musings

Life Is Short. Eat Hard

Savvy Single Suppers

Agrigirl’s Blog

Texana’s Kitchen


A Lot on Your Plate

The Unorthodox Epicure

Real Italian Dish

Daisy and the fox

Cloud of Lace (fashion!)

Award and Movie Related Stuff About Me (I had to dig deep for this stuff!):

1. Way in the past I won the Overseas Press Club Award for coverage of Hurricane Hortense with The San Juan Star in Puerto Rico. In the same year my team of three reporters won the Puerto Rico Press Association Award for investigative reporting for our work to uncover abuses in the Worker’s Compensation system

2. I went to high school with much of the Baldwin clan: actors William and Stephen, and their sister, Jane. I went to college, for a brief time, with actresses Robin Givens, Holly Robinson, and Lauren Holly.

3. Among the Oscar winners I have interviewed are Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

4. I once had dinner with Alexander Payne, Oscar-winning screenwriter/director of Sideways and The Descendants. He had just won the Golden Globe for Sideways and would win the Oscar the following week.

5. I participated in a film on the life of photographer and artist Jack Delano. I have never seen the film.

6. My favorite movies are (incomplete and moderately accurate list): The Incredibles, Amelie, Sideways, Motorcycle Diaries; Babette’s Feast (of course), and I can’t remember any others.

7. I have not seen a single Oscar-nominated film this year.

Enjoy the Oscars everyone!


Liebster Award

17 Oct

I am pleased to announce that Andreea of The Windy Kitchen has nominated me for the Liebster Award!

Thanks to The Windy Kitchen for this one!

This is an award that you pass on to another set of favorite bloggers as you will see below. Visit them if you can; I have tried to include blogs I have recently started following.

First, I will answer Andreea’s 11 questions to me. When you scroll down you’ll find out how the award works. Continue reading

ABC Award!

16 Mar

Recognition is a wonderful thing. Sharing your interests with total strangers is a wonderful thing too, a by-product of voyaging the blogosphere. So, when a fellow blogger whose work you really admire sends you an award, well, you get all warm and fuzzy and want to share the love.

Sooooo, a big thank you to Giovanna – a Panamanian living in Madrid and blogging the most luscious food in Spanish and English at BlueJellyBeans for giving me this award! Here are the parameters:

To ‘accept’ the award you just add the abc award logo to your and then you can share something about yourself with your readers and then pass the award on to other worthy bloggers – there’s no limit to how few – or how many – other bloggers you can send this to.

To share something about yourself – you will need to go through the alphabet and choose a word or phrase for each letter and use that to describe yourself – it might be something about you, something you like, or a place or thing you dream about. And that’s all – no long descriptions or detail – just create a new post, add your shiny new blog award badge and alphabet words and let your readers enjoy finding out a little more about you.

I have chosen to do some of the words that are bouncing around my world right now, more stream-of-consciousness than deliberately revealing or concealing….











Kratt Brothers


Mad (as in Mad Hot)


Oh dear


Quince (with Manchego)





Vile (as in vile temptress)






Here are the entertaining blogs I am tagging! They are all food-related….Pay them a visit and let them know I sent you!

Baking with Basil

Back Road Journal

When Harry Met Celery

Cloud of Lace

3 Quarters Today

Afternoon D Lite

Culinary Types


More recipes later this weekend (I hope).

Versatile Blogger Award (II)!!!!

7 Mar

Thanks so much to Farrah at FairyHealthyLife for nominating me for this award! She has an inspiring story of cooking her way to weight loss — to the tune of 160 pounds!!!!!! And her recipes are great, so give her a visit.

The Versatile Blogger Award, is a way to introduce bloggers to each other and to promote quality blogs that the readers might not have discovered otherwise.

Here’s how it works:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

– Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.

– Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy.

– Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow them regularly.

– Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. (Don’t forget to tell the bloggers you nominated.)

– Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Now here are my nominees! (this is not the first time I receive this award, but these nominees are all new)

Visit them and tell them Natalia at Hot, Cheap & Easy sent you!

While Chasing Kids A Russian mom cooks

 Texana’s Kitchen Yee-hah!…Y’all can pretend to have a Southern-cooking Grandma, too!

Frugal Feeding Inexpensive can actually feel indulgent

2MiniCooks A dietician and a café manager make beautiful blog together

Bakin’and Cabbage Irish in the house!

Live2EatEat2Live Hawai’i How’WOW

Assia’s Kaleidescope Reinventing Reality Bulgarian-style

Sad Man’s Tongue – Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague Ink, pin-up girls, food

From Scratch Club – DIY food collective from Upstate NY

Foodimentary — Food history, all day, every day

All About Lemon – Poetry, Food, Photos, Haiku

Creative Noshing – Adventurous!!!

Cookiemomma’s Blog – Making parenting tasty and fun

Going Dutch – a Filipina transplant makes beautiful family, food and photos

Let’s Spice Things Up in Vegas – Face it, you want to know what this is!

My Seven Things:

1. I will soon be publishing a culinary translation dictionary (digital and print!)

2. Rain on hot pavement is one of my favorite smells.

3. Rain on a zinc roof is one of my favorite sounds.

4. I am not a Sarah Palin fan, but I envy that she can field dress a moose.

5. I once interviewed Raisa Gorbachev, with Mikhail sitting patiently by.

6. The Galapagos are on my bucket list.

7. I don’t actually have a bucket list, but if I did, the Galapagos would be on it.

Back to recipes in the next couple of days and….more prizes…thanks to all my blogger buddies for making me a part of your culinary lives!

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