The Tropi-Cool Cuisine of Puerto Rico By Natalia de Cuba Romero

21 Mar

Vacations Abroad just published this article of mine on Puerto Rican cuisine. I hope you will go check it out and learn about how we eat!

Vacations Abroad Blog

Puerto Ricans are the Stealth bombers of the Latin world. Since so many of us have been off the island for so long and we don’t always look or speak like non-Puerto Ricans expect us to, you don’t always realize that we are flying among you. In the same way, Puerto Rican food has always flown under the radar of world cuisines.

When you think Caribbean food, folks are more likely to think Jamaican jerk chicken or coconut shrimp. When you think Latin Caribbean food, Cuban black beans and rice get all the attention. When you think Latin food in general, Mexico is the juggernaut that obscures the rest of us.

But Puerto Rican cuisine, with its trifecta of African, European, and indigenous influences, with its range of ingredients borrowed from South Asia, the mountains of Spain, the altiplanos and river basins of South America, and the sea all around…

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