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Ten Signs that You’ve Crossed the Line from Enviro-Foodie to Enviro-Foodie-Maniac

4 Jul

Have you gone over the edge with the food thing? Are you no longer fun to eat with? Are you missing the point?

In a world of fast food, GMOs, pesticides, and horrific school lunches it is hard for the foodie not to be constantly on edge about what he or she or their children are eating. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be unhappy all the time or insufferable to others. That is not what eating is about! So, I have compiled a list of signs that you (or I) may be one exit from lunacy….

Disclaimer: I had no one but myself in mind when I wrote this, so don’t get paranoid if you recognize yourself! You are not under surveillance, at least not by me. All resemblance to characters fictional or real is merely coincidence.

Ten Signs that You’ve Crossed the Line from Enviro-Foodie to Enviro-Foodie-Maniac

  1. You are genuinely anguished when you forget to bring reusable bags to the store and run back out to the car to get them (if you can). You consider leaving the shopping cart to go home and come back. You reject the idea because driving home would increase your carbon footprint. You become distressed. Buy yet another reusable bag? Get a box? More distress.
  2. If you don’t have any other option than plastic bags, you slink your way home down side streets in case one of your enviro-foodie-maniac friends sees you committing the cardinal sin of using disposables.
  3. You bring your reading glasses to the store so you can read the labels of anything you buy that actually has a label. If you don’t bring the reading glasses, you don’t buy anything with a label.
  4. You stand in the aisles of the supermarket paralyzed, because you really need to buy something convenient to eat, but your conscience won’t let you take any shortcuts. You contemplate skipping the meal altogether. You put the package back on the shelf. You take it down again. You read the label. You put it back. You walk away. You come back. Repeat. This takes a long time. When it says organic, you buy it, although you know damn well that ketchup, organic or not, is still a sugary mess. Mini-cheese and cracker sandwich snack packs are still processed cheese and  buttery carbs, regardless whether it says organic on the label. But you can’t help it. And it makes your head explode. Continue reading
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